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This is My Story

I have always been interested construction, remolding and repair on houses. From high school where I was in building trade classes to being a journeyman carpenter in Dallas Texas. I started at fourteen working with a masonry crew. Where I learned how to lay brick and block pour concrete. I have run a construction company building houses and apartment complexes. I also have hung doors and trim in high-rise office buildings. The fun part for me is helping others. From putting up shelving units to outdoor sheds. The smile on my client’s faces is the best part. I like answering questions about what and how I am doing what I am doing. I usually get the same response “I could do that if I had the time”. I know first-hand how life can get in the way of getting even the smallest projects completed. That is why I have decided to go full time with my handyman service. I have worked a full time job out of the construction industry for 27 years. I was just doing handyman work on the side. I was forced into early retirement because of a plant closing. So now I have the time to do the things you would do if you only had the time. Or at least you would give it the old college try.

I get the most satisfaction out of things like, changing out a ceiling fan for a light fixture, because a client needs air circulating when they sleep. Or helping update a kitchen or bath by installing a new sink. I know people set time and money aside for the big projects and I can do them also. But it’s the small ones that never get the attention they deserve. I also know that very few contractors will do the smaller jobs. When you call them, and one of the following usually happens: They never call back, or they call and say they are interested and never make it out to see the job. And then there is my all-time favorite… The come out and say they are interested and they will give you a quote in a few days and you never hear from them again.
I have had all this happen to me over the years. I would be too busy at my regular job and doing my handyman service to make time for my own home. My wife would get tired of waiting for me, so we would call and call contractors. Most of the time, I would figure out the time and do it myself.

An upset wife can be a real motivating force!

I love the small jobs and hope it could lead to the bigger ones later. I love working with clients to make their lives happier, by getting The-To-Do List DONE.